Monday, August 27, 2012

Vintage Revivals EPIC Makeover Entry

Holy moly. First of all I hope I win. Second, I am so DANG excited about this. Third. I hope I win.
When I saw the last makeover I was like freeeeaaaaking out, it is so awesome. I also thought, dang I want Mandi to come to MY house.
Speaking of... my house is in Phoenix, hotter than Hades Phoenix. And there are A LOT of cookie cutter houses here, not a lot of variety. In fact, I LIVE in one of the cookie cutters! I don't like cookie cutter houses, but I do like cookies...           I digress... What I'm saying is I would LOOOVE to add some unique-ness to our cookies! I mean our house.
The room that needs help, besides all of them, is my gigantic front room. It's right there when you walk in the front door. When people walk into my house I want them to hear singing and see fireworks and doves flying away to uncover the the awesome that is my house and do a little dance because it is SO *mandilicious* (yes, I am sucking up, and begging, you can't see me but I am on my knees)
I read your blog regularly, and I get all excited and show and tell to my husband and say look, we are gonna make that. And then we don't, usually. But then I have dreams about it. What? Yeah I said dreams. I have actually dreamt about decorating my house from ideas via vintagerevivals...
I'm not done. I have also passed along the word. Told people, hey you should check out this blog, it is only the coolest thing ever since cool!
Another point that makes me a good pick? I found your blog watching Nate Berkus, the first time you were on there. Means we both like Nate. Sealed. The. Deal. Deal sealer. I have been a follower/fan ever since.
And here's another. We own our house.
And another? I have 2 little girls. I know someone else who has 2 girls too... Just saying.
Here's another reason, (I have many I could probably go on all day...) I don't work. I stay home, with my girls. Means I have A LOT of time/availability for makeovers, namely this one.
Curveball. I also sew. I won some competitions back in the day. What? Yep, I did. I hear that's useful.
I'm also a wicked hard worker. Means I can work. Hard. And I'm good at it. Also I'm a mom and I know how to function on little to no sleep.
I started spray painting furniture because of you. Nuff said.
"Love your guts" was a common term in my home growing up.
Lastly, ALL of the reasons I listed above x10 (supposedly x10 is even more effective) are why you should pick ME for this makeover.
And second lastly, let the pictures speak for themselves. This room needs. help. PERIOD.

                                             Right half of the room
 Left half
                                                "Pattern mixing"
                                       Don't have a problem disposing of this.
               I really love these couches, I think they have potential.
                                Yep, that's a potty. Or I mean a step stool...

                               We like our frames on the ground.
                                                    Reading area
                                  This is where it all begins, the front door.
                                  Don't mind the sleeping baby.

I hope the picture quality is satisfactory, they are all via my phone, which is the only option I had. I tried to leave NOTHING out. Including the sleeping baby that was present during the photo shoot.

Question:  How do I feel about my entry? 
Answer:  Like a Winner.

Love YOUR guts,


  1. Mattea! You are ADORABLE! And I am glad that you love cookies as much as I do! Thank you so much for entering and I will keep my fingers crossed for you!!

    Love your guts

  2. You have such a darling family!!!

    Good luck in the contest.

  3. Hope you win!

    I will have to start following you from my blog. My blog address is

  4. You have my votes!! I hope you win! I was entry #86 ... I will be voting for you everyday from work and home :)

  5. Hi Mattea. It's your big sis here. I voted for you. I sure hope you win. Looks like you've been collecting plaid and floral couches. Where's the ugly white one I gave you??? Love your guts too.

  6. You're so funny Mattea. Loved the video. Good Luck! We'll vote for you!!

  7. Holy cow Grace, you are a SAINT!!! Thank you SOO much!!

  8. Thanks Kristen!! Good luck to you!